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Before I Go Berserk, Hon: Tumultuous Love Letters, Comfort Women with VD, and 4 Ton Wreckers

Kathy and Christine started a 12-part series of some of their favorite Jack Cavazzi love letters.

Christine posted six of her favorites. Now, here are Kathy's.

Letter 11 in a series of 12.

May 2, 1953

Songwhan, Korea

Dearest Anne,

Hello Darling. How is my baby today? I sure do miss you hon. I’m trying to get used to being away from you but I can’t do it. I guess I’ll just have to suffer.

I just had chow and I’m writing now because I want to take a shower tonight. You know we have to go a long way to take one.

Two more trainloads of ammo came in last night. Boy we have almost a million tons of ammo here now. That’s a hell of a lot of work. I don’t mind though because it passes the time.

How did you like the poem? Boy what a ham. When I read it over I almost ripped the letter up. It was too late to write another one so I changed my mind.

Gee hon, I thought you would have had the baby by now. What are you doing, holding out? I’m all on edge. I am getting as nervous as all.

I wish something would happen around here, I’m going nuts. Boy is it boring. I guess I’ll get used to it.

Hon how about rushing me some pictures. Some of you and the baby. By the time you receive this letter you should have had the baby by then.

Baby, I’ll finish this tonight. Maybe by then I’ll have something to say. Besides I’ll be in a more romantic mood. Bye.

Hello Hon.

Well I said maybe something would happen so that I could write tonight. Something did! Someone stole my wallet. They took the $30. dollars I had kept for myself. I don’t know who it was but if I catch him it’s going to be his a--. I’m so disgusted I could kill someone. I’m sorry hon but I couldn’t help it. Lucky I had the $50. I was going to send you in my foot locker. I won’t be able to send it now hon because I don’t get paid until the 1st of June. I really am sorry hon. I felt so good yesterday. I knew you would be surprised when I sent it. I figured it would make you feel kind of proud of me. I wanted to show you that I could save. Well it’s done and there’s nothing I can do now. I’ll be more careful the next time though.

I bought a new wallet. The other one fell apart. It’s nice. Has room for about 20 pictures so let’s fill it up. Okay?

Tomorrow is Sunday. I’m going to church in the morning. They give us an hour off to go. The mass only lasts 15 minutes and besides it’s a Protestant preacher. Better than none at all. There is no confession. Of course we work all day Sunday. I haven’t had a day off yet and I have been in the company for a month. I wouldn’t know what to do with a day off anyway.

Honey I’m in a lousy mood because of that money. I’m really P.O.’d.

Between being away from you and waiting for the baby and putting up with the shit that we get around here, I’m about crazy

Well babe I’ll close with all my love.



P.S. You know

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Before I Go Berserk, Hon: Tumultuous Love Letters, Comfort Women with VD, and 4 Ton Wreckers

Kathy and Christine started a 12-part series of some of their favorite Jack Cavazzi love letters.

Christine posted six of her favorites. Now, here are Kathy's.

Letter 10 in a series of 12.

April 4, 1953


My Dearest Anne,

Well hon, I’m finally settled down after 2 months traveling. Boy am I glad that there are no more boat rides. I’m as far South in Korea as you can get. The ocean is only about 200 yards from my barracks. We live in Quonset Huts. Those are the half-moon type things. They aren’t bad at all. The chow is pretty good. Nothing to brag about.

I only wish that you people at home could see how miserable, filthy, and crowded the poor people are over here. They live in mud huts with grass roofs, if they are lucky. Otherwise they live in sewers. They use the street for their bathrooms and the stench in these towns is unbearable.

You don’t have to worry about me fooling around with these women babe. They are filthy with disease. They never wash. You can walk down the street and they will beg you to have intercourse with them. This may be blunt dear but I wouldn’t spit on them. I walked down to town last night with a couple of these buddies of mine, and while we were there, a little girl about five years old, dirty as sin, came up to us and asked us to follow her. I thought something was wrong so I followed her. She took me to her mother who was laying on a mat in an alley. The mother wanted us to have intercourse. This is just a common instance. This may give you just a small idea how bad off these people are. It is really shocking.

They have a nice Service Club here. Dances 2 or 3 times a week. Liquor or whiskey is 15 cents a shot. That’s for the best States Side whiskey. Beer is 20 cents a can.

We have a parade this afternoon. What a pain in the neck. Out in the middle of nowhere and we have to parade.

When I get paid, if I have enough money, I’m going to buy a camera. They have one in the P.X. for $88.00. I don’t think I’ll have enough for that.

Did you get your present yet? I hope you like it. Tell Billy and all the rest not to worry, as soon as I can I’ll send them something.

They have China and silverware over here. It’s pretty cheap. I saw a nice set of China for $35.00. A setting for 12. There are a million things over here that you can buy. I don’t think I’m going to hold on to my paycheck.

I don’t know if I told you about Pete Caruso. He is a fellow I met on the boat. He got a telegram yesterday that his wife had a baby boy. Please have a boy hon. I really don’t care what it is as long as it’s a baby. Only kidding. You take care of yourself, understand? Watch your figure. I want you to look like heaven when I see you again. I miss you Anne. I could write a lot of fancy words but I just don’t feel like that. I can’t explain how much but it’s as much as I can. You must know how I feel. You probably feel the same way yourself.

Don’t forget to send a lot of pictures. When I get the camera I’ll send you some. I can get a good movie camera for about $125.00. If you people want to get one just send the money. I’d like to get it but I just can’t afford it. Tell the folks that if there is anything they want I’ll get it for them.

Boy I miss that home cooking. By the way, how are you coming along with your cooking? I’ll bet you will be the best cook in town by the time I get home. Don’t worry though, I’m getting so I can eat anything.

How about calling the baby Michael, Mike for short? No? Okay!

We have a little Korean boy for a mascot. They found him in the gutter one night. He was freezing to death. They fixed him up and looked for his parents. The parents are dead so they kept him here. He lives right here in the barracks. He’s cute as hell.

The weather is getting nice here. Today is one of the best days we’ve had. It’s about 55 degrees outside. The rainy season is coming though. They say it rains for a month without stopping.

Well, Darling, that’s about it for today. I’ll write often now that I’m settled.

All my Love Forever


Miss the hell out of you.

Quonset Hut

A Quonset hut is a prefabricated shelter of corrugated metal shaped like a cylinder, cut vertically in two, and resting on its flat surface. Quonset huts get their name from Quonset, R.I., where they were first manufactured.

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Before I Go Berserk, Hon: Tumultuous Love Letters, Comfort Women with VD, and 4 Ton Wreckers

Kathy and Christine started a 12-part series of some of their favorite Jack Cavazzi love letters.

Christine posted six of her favorites. Now, here are Kathy's.

Letter 9 in a series of 12.

February 10, 1953

Pacific Ocean

Hello Honey:

Well Anne, I’m really starting to miss you now. The thrill of the trip is over and I’m thinking about you constantly. I hope for your sake and mine and Junior’s of course, that this thing ends soon. Now that Stalin is dead maybe things will change for the better.

I hope you are feeling well honey. I worry a little you know. One good thing that I’m very thankful for is that you are in good hands. I miss the folks a lot, too. Tell Bob I’ll play him even when I get home.

I’ve been trying to think of a name for the baby but I can’t find one suitable. You name him

and just write to me and tell me what to call my son. Tell him his daddy’s going to make up for

lost time when he gets home. Tell him to be a good boy. I hope he will be strong and healthy.

And I hope he looks like you. Tell him he is going to have to be the man in the family for a

while. I wish I could be there, Anne. I’m going to miss being there when he is born.

You had better be a good girl and take care of yourself. I don’t want any bad reports. Remember, don’t get too lonesome. You may have to wait but when I get home you’ll get well rewarded.

I want you to tell my Mom that I’m fine and that I’ll write her as soon as I get to Japan. We can’t get stamps so this will be my last letter until then.

I was on K.P. today. They finally caught up to me. It wasn’t bad though. I ate good for the first time in weeks. By the way, I have to tell you about Hawaii. I guess you were surprised to get a Radiogram from Honolulu. I sent it as soon as I got off the boat Saturday nite. We got off about 8:00 Sat. nite and we didn’t have to be back until 2:00 Sunday afternoon. Anne, that is the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life. We picked coconuts right off the trees on the main street. They were good, too. I went swimming at Waikiki beach where Godfrey goes all the time. We had dinner at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

The Royal Hawaiian Hotel in all its pink glory.

Located on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel opened February 1, 1927. Known as the “Pink Palace of the Pacific” because of its flamingo pink façade, the hotel was originally six-stories with 400 rooms including suites and servants' rooms. Constructed after the popular architectural style of the time – Spanish-Moorish – the resort attracted wealthy ocean travelers and movie stars. During WWII, the hotel became a rest and relaxation center for Navy personnel.

Boy what a time. I slept on a park bench at the Honolulu Zoo. Almost froze. We took a lot of pictures. As soon as we develop them I’ll send them to you. I really can’t describe the place. Hon, it’s magnificent. Tune in next week for “Tales of Japan.” It’s hard to believe that I am almost 10,000 miles from home. And believe me, I feel every mile.

The weather is bad now. This little tub is rocking like crazy. Lucky we are all over the sea sickness.

Well Darling, I guess I’ll close now as much as I hate to. Give my love to all.

Honey, take good care of yourself.

All my Love

Forever & Ever & Always


Let me know when I can write to Mrs. J.J. Cavazzi & Son.


Born Josef Vissarionovich Djugashvili in the province of Georgia in 1878, he changed his name to Stalin (Russian for ‘man of steel’) in his 30s. Stalin went from criminal and young revolutionary to general secretary of the Communist Party and then made himself absolute ruler of the Soviet Union after Vladimir Lenin died in 1924. As dictator, he exiled, murdered, and imprisoned anyone he suspected of opposing him as he built up the Soviet Union’s military power and transformed the Soviet Union from a peasant society into an industrial superpower. In 1950, Stalin gave North Korea’s communist leader Kim II Sung the green light to invade South Korea. Stalin died in 1953. Many books list Stalin’s death as early March. Yet, Jack states above in his February 10th letter, “Now that Stalin is dead…”


A radiogram is a message – brief like a telegram – transmitted by radio rather than wires.

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