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Before I Go Berserk, Hon: Tumultuous Love Letters, Comfort Women with VD, and 4 Ton Wreckers

Kathy and Christine are starting a 12-part series of some of their favorite Jack Cavazzi love letters. Each week they will post a letter for their readers and fans.

Christine is up first with her six, then Kathy.

Christine will tell you, “Jack’s letters are not your typical sweet sheets. What newlywed tells his young wife about the prostitutes across the road? The rampant venereal disease among the soldiers? Can be hot and bothered by Anne’s love in one paragraph, and in the next lace into her like a jealous, frustrated lover? Jack Cavazzi! And, boy, does he have a way with words. This is love letter history – and an emotional romance story – that hooked me from the get-go.”

We hope you enjoy Jack’s letters and look forward to your feedback and comments.

Letter 1 in a series of 12.


8th Training Co

2nd Engineer Training Battalion ERJC

Fort Belvoir, Virginia

June 19, 1952

Hello Hon,

Boy I sure miss you babe. I want to see you more than I want anything else in the world.

You’ll notice the new stationery. This is my company name and insignia. You have my address already but just in case you lost it, it will be on the envelope of this letter.

I had a bad night last night hon, I had the feeling that you were out with someone else. I hope that was just a notion. Probably just another of my jealous thoughts.

Hon I sure hope I can get used to not being with you, right now it drives me nuts.

Please write as much as possible, I sure enjoy reading your letters. I know your first two by heart. I must have read them a thousand times. A hundred anyway. Write all the time.

The next few lines will be devoted to the thoughts which flood my mind all day and night.

I love her so much, I miss her so much. I wonder what she is doing now. Does she think of me much? Does she love me enough to wait until I can take her out? Will I get a letter explaining that she got so lonely that she had to go out? I don’t care, I love her too much to leave her because she does something wrong.

It would break my heart if you did deceive me or give part of your love to someone else.

I guess you get an idea of how I worry. Multiply that by a million. No kidding Anne, I do worry.

Sometimes I wake up and find myself dreaming of you, in broad daylight, during formation or something like that.

Well sweet, it is getting late. I get up at 5:30 you know. Sweet dreams babe. I love you very much!

All & I mean All of my Love forever


P.S. I miss the hell out of you babe.

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