Updated: Apr 16, 2020

By Christine Stevens DeLorenzo

1995 Montegrappa Silver Dragon

If we got you thinking about writing that love letter, great! We applaud you. Now we’re going to help you find that perfect high quality pen – fountain, rollerball, dip, and ballpoint.

1. From limited edition and luxury to everything in between, Pen Chalet offers over 70 writing instrument brands and lots of useful accessories. Prepare to be wowed. www.penchalet.com

2. If you own a Montblanc writing instrument, then you’ve really made it in this world. If not, and you didn’t know, their pens are classics. My favorite is the BEATLES SPECIAL EDITION BALLPOINT ($760.00). What’s yours? www.montblanc.com

3. Thinking bold, brilliant, and one of kind? Then vintage or pre-owned writing instruments is the way to go. www.thepenmarket.com. They also repair pens and have a “Trading Post” where folks can list and sell their old pens.

And don’t forget, June 10th is National Ballpoint Day. Observe it by writing that love letter! (Use #BallpointPenDay when using social media.)

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Very interesting insight describing how a soldier serving in Afghanistan used letter writing to create "order out of chaos" and get back some of his humanity. Soldiers in the Korean War certainly must