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Letter 5 in a series of 12


Before I Go Berserk, Hon: Tumultuous Love Letters, Comfort Women with VD, and 4 Ton Wreckers

Kathy and Christine started a 12-part series of some of their favorite Jack Cavazzi love letters.

Each week they will post a letter for their readers and fans.

This is the fifth letter of Christine's six. Then Kathy will post hers.

Christine will tell you, “Jack’s letters are not your typical sweet sheets. What newlywed tells his young wife about the prostitutes across the road? The rampant venereal disease among the soldiers? Can be hot and bothered by Anne’s love in one paragraph, and in the next lace into her like a jealous,

frustrated lover? Jack Cavazzi! And, boy, does he have a way with words. This is love letter history – and an emotional romance story – that hooked me from the get-go.”

We hope you enjoy Jack’s letters and look forward to your feedback and comments.

Letter 5 in a series of 12.

Jack writes two letters to Anne dated June 1, 1953.


June 1, 1953

Songwhan, Korea

My Dearest Anne,

Hello Darling. How are you today? I’m lonely. It’s still raining so I am off again today. I have been looking at the pictures of you and Richie all morning. I miss you so much Darling. I just have no feeling or cares without you. If I wasn’t so far away or if there was a possibility that I might be able to see you, maybe I wouldn’t feel so bad. Knowing that it will be another year makes it very hard. Is it so awful to want to be with your wife and son? Why can’t these people stop fighting and live in peace? Why don’t they stop fooling around and either fight it out or stop completely? Honey if I could only talk to you by phone… Anything. I can’t stand this being away from you all the time. I argue with everyone. I just can’t be happy without you. I never realized how much I needed you before this. It’s like being in jail knowing you can’t go home. I am all alone in the tent and I am starting to cry. Anne I miss you so much. What am I going to do?

I’m sorry hon. I let myself get away for a while. I had to stop writing. When I start getting like that I only make it worse.

How is our son doing? Is he getting any bigger? Are you glad we have a baby Darling? I know you must have a hard time taking care of him. I’ll bet he is a devil. Send all the pictures of him you can. I also want a few hundred of you. The boys tell me you look like Doris Day. I got mad and told them she couldn’t hold a candle to you. And she can’t.

I wrote a lot of letters today. I wrote to Peg and Mom and Marie and a buddy of mine. Marie wrote me a little note so I had to answer. She tried to cover up her feelings about her and Bob but I know she is hurt. I tried to cheer her up but what can you say? Usually a person doesn’t want to talk about it. How is Bob doing with frenchy? Tell him to watch out. Those French are plenty fast. Ha Ha. I guess he can hold his own.

My hair is getting long again. I got a crew cut when I came to Korea. They said its best to keep your hair short but when I look into the mirror I just can’t seem to agree with them. My moustache is coming along. Pretty soon you will be able to see it. Don’t get mad now. I am going to shave it off after I see what it looks like.

Babe, figure out our financial status to the dime and let me know exactly how much we have. It’s about time we started figuring. Bye-bye hon. I love you.

All my Love Always (Poppa) Jackie

P.S. How is the world treating you Son? XXXXXXXX

June 1, 1953

Songwhan, Korea

My Dearest Anne,

Hello Darling. Surprise. It’s 10 o’clock at night and I have nothing to do so I am writing you again. I know you like to get letters so I try to write every day. I missed one day last week so this letter will make up for it.

It’s funny. I am getting ready to go to bed and you probably just got up. Did you dream of me? I’ll bet I think of you about ½ hour out of every hour. Sometimes I wish I could forget you. It only hurts more. At night I have to fight to go to sleep. What do you do, try to put yourself in my mind with telepathy or something? Do you ever get a ringing in your ear? They say the one you love is thinking of you when your ear rings. Yours must ring continuously.

It’s cold as hell tonight. Remember that night in that cabin on the Post Road? I will never forget it. It’s funny when you think back. But it was wonderful too. You know, maybe we will go back there, just for kicks.

Anne, I miss you so much I could write forever and never begin to tell you. Can you just picture the day I get home. I will be the happiest guy in the world. We haven’t got it so bad hon, look at those guys in the last war. Some of them were overseas for 3 and 4 years. I guess we can last 11 months. It seems like 11 years.

Hon, I am going to ask you a question and I want an honest answer. Do you feel that you can wait for me and not get too lonely? I know that I get frustrated at times and all I have to do is walk 2 or 3 blocks and I could have my pick of women. Believe me Darling, I don’t fool around with these women. I swear I don’t fool around with these women. I swear I don’t. I love you, I married you and I belong to only you. Those other women will just have to suffer. They can’t have me. Ha Ha. Just fooling. All kidding aside hon, don’t worry about me. I am as true to you as any husband could be. These guys laugh and razz me but when they took a kid to the hospital today they stopped. He has V.D. and his Stradivarius has to be amputated. It’s hard to believe but that isn’t the first one. That guy was 23 and had a wife and 2 kids. He cried like a baby. I feel sorry for him in a way but then again how much could he have loved his wife? When I see examples like that I get unfrustrated very fast.

I put in for the baby’s allotment today. I will send the birth certificate tomorrow.

Good nite babe.

All my Love Forever and Ever


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