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letter 3 in a series of 12.


Before I Go Berserk, Hon: Tumultuous Love Letters, Comfort Women with VD, and 4 Ton Wreckers

Kathy and Christine started a 12-part series of some of their favorite Jack Cavazzi love letters.

Each week they will post a letter for their readers and fans.

This is the third letter of Christine's six. Then Kathy will post hers.

Christine will tell you, “Jack’s letters are not your typical sweet sheets. What newlywed tells his young wife about the prostitutes across the road? The rampant venereal disease among the soldiers? Can be hot and bothered by Anne’s love in one paragraph, and in the next lace into her like a jealous, frustrated lover? Jack Cavazzi! And, boy, does he have a way with words. This is love letter history – and an emotional romance story – that hooked me from the get-go.”

We hope you enjoy Jack’s letters and look forward to your feedback and comments.

Letter 3 in a series of 12.


May 7, 1953


My Dearest Anne,

Darling, I can never thank you enough. I am so happy I could bust. Boy when I heard the news I let out a scream. I’ll bet you heard it. No kidding honey I am as proud as anyone can be. I’m dying to know how much he weighs and what he looks like. Send me some pictures right away. I sure am proud of you. I am so excited I can’t write straight. What color hair does he have? Does he look like me? What color eyes?

I want you to start teething him on golf balls. Did it hurt much hon? I can’t bear the thought of your suffering. It’s over now darling and I know you are happy to have a baby. I promise the next one will be a girl.

How does the rest of the family feel? I know our folks must be proud. They are grandparents now.

I can’t think of anything to write about except the baby. Hon, honest to God I am so happy I could cry. Tell him about me will you? Tell him I will get home as soon as I can. And tell him that I am sorry that I wasn’t there when he was born. Tell him that I love him and to take care of his mommy until I get home. I sure wish I was home. I can’t stand this place Anne. It’s so changing me. I feel so useless. I need you Darling. I never thought I would pray but I pray that God will bring me home as soon as possible.

Well everything isn’t bad. I fixed my truck today and I will go to work tomorrow.

It’s raining everyday again. The mud comes up to your ankles.

I bought the radio. It is a real bargain so I figured I would buy it before I spent the money somewhere

else. At least now I have something to show for it. I am broke again but I don’t need any money anyway. Besides the radio I got a booster thrown in and it is worth 8 dollars.

Well Darling, comes a time to tell you that I love you more than anything in the world. Words can’t express the way I feel. But when I get home, my actions will. You think I was a lover. Wait! Valentino was an iceberg.

I will love you forever Darling. Take care of my our son. Good nite hon.

All my Love Always




Known as “The Great Lover,” Italian-American sex symbol and screen star Rudolph Valentino was born Rodolfo Alfonso Raffaello Pierre Filibert Guglielmi di Valentina d'Antonguella in Italy May 6, 1895. He appeared in several romantic silent films that made women swoon and men question his masculinity. He died in New York City August 23, 1926 at the age of 31 from peritonitis.

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