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Just Say What Is In Your Heart. Writing a Love Letter vs. an “I Love You” Text Message.

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

By Christine Stevens DeLorenzo

When was the last time you wrote a love letter? A hand-written love letter on paper and written in ink? If you’re like most people – addicted to your smart phone, Amazon, and Netflix – then you’ve probably never written a sweet sheet.

Instead, because you text, acquire purchases online, and watch scheduled and unscheduled programming, your available time to express your heartfelt emotions is probably reduced to “LuvU,” “WantU,” “MissU,” or a stolen line from movies that you’ve searched for online.

Some people are satisfied with sending “I Love You” text messages, or what I call “Word Spurts.” But is your recipient really feeling gratified receiving them?

Texting for hours on end throughout the day can make most people verbally constipated when it comes to communicating heartfelt emotions to their one-and-only. No wonder texters shun using pen and paper to express their love.

Handwritten love letters require time and thought to express what is in one’s heart. When you put time and thought into a love letter, the words you choose are more significant… more meaningful… more intimate… more memorable.

As you accumulate handwritten love letters, they become a type of tender, tangible, historical, and personal narrative that can be mused over again and again for weeks, years, and decades. Hand-written letters are priceless, cherished gifts. They are treasured and kept in special drawers or exquisite boxes. Whereas Word Spurts are gone in a blink of an eye, or buried amongst thousands of other types of mundane text messages.

When it comes to expressing your love for that special someone, nothing compares to complete, thoughtful words in your own unique longhand, showcased on a blank card or a sheet of paper, then tucked inside an envelope and mailed USPS, or left taped to her mirror:

“The first time our lips touched ever so slightly, my heart skipped a beat. Right then and there, I knew I could love you for the rest of my life. But I didn’t tell you. Instead, I hoped for our second kiss. A week later, you were in a baggy white tee shirt and torn jeans and back in my arms. I thought, ‘I must be dreaming. What does she see in a guy like me?’ It is two years later and I no longer need to question your desires. I can see your love for me in your eyes, I can still feel your love for me on your lips, and I can still sense your love for me during our passionate nights. Without you, I would never have put pen to paper. And, so, I write, think, write, feel, write some more, feel some more.

"A new door opened when you came into my life. Since then, we’ve promised to take each other’s hand and walk through life’s doors together.

“Thank you, sweetheart, for your understanding, knowledge, gentility, strength, support, kindness, compassion, peace, and balance. My heart is always with you. Today, and forever. Just wanted you to know. Oh, and since I am feeling giddy and carefree, how about letting me make dinner tonight? Yes? Good! See you at 7:00. And don’t forget to wear the baggy tee shirt and torn jeans.”

When it comes to love and the heart, which sentiment do you think your one-and-only would prefer to receive: a text, or a sweet sheet created knowing that not all communication should be immediate?

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