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1952. Young aspiring professional golfer Jack Cavazzi hasn't a care in the world. He's on track to marry his sweetheart Anne Gazzetta – who, he'd boast, made
Marilyn Monroe look like a bum – when he's drafted
into the Korean War.
Almost immediately, Jack is placed in the hardship of
a virile world known to threaten marriages and shatter hearts. Amid danger, lonely nights, and bouts of insecurity brought on by Dear John Letters read aloud and soldiers shocked to hear they're cuckolds, Jack falls apart mentally, uncertain he will survive the strain of not holding Anne in his arms for 17 months, and his fear she'll be unfaithful. Or worse yet, leave him.
Jack's story is told in over 200 letters written to
Anne revealing his misery, anger, depression, and struggles to keep from losing the love of his life, and what lengths the young soldier takes to keep himself
in her thoughts... and in her heart.
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